Buckwheat/Almond Flour

I’ve been wanting a new all-purpose flour for a while. The one I’ve been using works great for things that you put a lot of energy into, like bread, but not so much for things like pancakes or biscuits.  I was also looking to increase the healthfulness of the flour mix.  One day I took a stab in the dark and came up with this mix and – insert picture of angels singing here 🙂 – it was good!!


Buckwheat/Almond Flour Mix

400 g Light Acadian Buckwheat Flour

200 g Almond Meal Flour (finely ground)

100 g Tapioca Starch/Flour

80 g Potato Starch


Combine all ingredients into a food processor or the mixing bowl of your Ninja with the processor blade installed.  Mix until homogeneous to avoid almond clumps in your final product.


This mix calculates to be 122.5 g per cup, but I find that with some recipes I need to add a bit more.  I am finding that xanthan gum is less necessary with this mix and can be left out of some recipes entirely.