Grain-Free Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar is a necessity when you are trying to give your kids a “normal” life (or at least as normal as possible, given the circumstances). Unfortunately, this is yet another item that I cannot buy at the grocery store.  Thank the Lord (or my parents, who bought it for me) for my Ninja 1500!! What would I do without it?!?!? This powdered sugar is not exactly commercial grade – I just don’t have that kind of power – but it serves the purpose.  (Please let me know if you have found a commercial product that does not have cane sugar or cornstarch – I would not mind skipping this step.)

Grain-Free Powdered Sugar

3 cups granulated beet sugar
3 Tbsp potato starch

Add sugar and starch to the blender of your Ninja (don’t bother with a regular food processor – the sugar just melts before it becomes a decent powder). Turn on the Ninja to the highest speed and let it run for about 4 minutes. Turn it off, but do not open the lid until you let it set for AT LEAST 5 minutes. Use a chopstick or some other long, stiff tool to scrape the sides down, close it up and run it again for another four minutes. Repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the powder. I would recommend giving the motor and sugar ample time to cool between mixing runs to prevent the motor from tripping and to prevent the sugar from clumping.

Use as you would regular powdered sugar.


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