Grain-free Sandwich Buns

This recipe has become my “work horse”.  We like sandwiches – they are quick to make, easy to pack, and each member of the family can eat what makes them happy.  When we first stared on this journey, bread for sandwiches was the number one priority.  This particular recipe has evolved from a rather odd-tasting, dry and crumbly  bun into the yummy, moist and soft bun it is today through a series of happy accidents and much trial and error.  They work well as hamburger buns and if they stick around long enough to get stale you can use them to make bread crumbs (a staple ingredient for all the breaded food kids love). I hope you enjoy!

Grain-free Sandwich / Burger Bun
Yield 12 Buns

Dry Mix (refrigerate until use)
192 g (1 cup) potato starch

120 g (1 cup) tapioca flour

110 g (2/3 cup) light buckwheat flour

37 g (1/3 cup) soy flour

14 g (1 Tbsp) potato flour

2 Tbsp flaxseed meal

2 tsp xanthan gum

1 tsp salt

1 ½ tsp cream of tartar

¾ tsp baking soda

Remaining Ingredients
2 tsp dry active yeast, rapid rise or regular
1 egg,1 yolk
2 tsp vinegar

63 g honey

427 g warm water (~110oF)

Grease two 6-bun hamburger bun pans (I love my USA Pans mini-cake pans), or 12 english muffin rings and dust with buckwheat flour (see 6/28/13 update below).

Combine all ingredients for Dry Mix. (I mix 3 batches at a time in separate gallon zip storage bags to save time. Store in refrigerator.)

When you are ready to make the buns, add yeast to the dry mix and combine.

Measure honey into a small mixing bowl (2 ½ to 3 cup)  Add water and stir until honey is mixed in.

Add egg, yolk, and vinegar to a large mixing bowl. Blend with hand mixer on low. Add water/honey mixture and blend for a few seconds.  Add half of Dry Mix + yeast to wet ingredients and blend on low until smooth. Add remaining Dry Mix + yeast and beat well with a sturdy spoon until smooth. Scoop ~¼ cup of dough into prepared pan or rings. Spread dough to make buns flat and smooth. Cover (I use wax paper) and let rise for 25-30 minutes for rapid rise yeast, 50-60 minutes for regular yeast. (I use rapid rise for this recipe with great results.) Bake at 350oF for 18 – 20 minutes or until tops are golden brown. Remove buns from pans and place on cooling racks. Allow to cool for ~5 minutes, then seal in zip storage bags (or wrap in plastic wrap) in batches of 6 (for easier handling) to finish cool down on the cooling racks (this keeps the buns from getting crusty on the outside).  When buns are cool, remove from bags and dry off any condensation that has collected on the buns.  Dry the bag and return buns to bag.


These buns are best stored at room temp in an air-tight bag for a few days. For more long term storage, freeze buns (still wrapped in plastic) as soon as they are cool. (I vacuum seal the frozen buns to improve the long-term storage, but a plastic zip storage bag works fine for a couple of weeks.)  To thaw, place frozen bun in a sealed plastic bag and leave out at room temp for a few hours.

To make english muffin rings, cut 12” x 1” strips of card-stock, and form into rings. Wrap rings in foil and place on a large cookie sheet. Be sure to grease bottom of cookie sheet before placing greased rings on sheet.


6/28/13 Update:

So I’ve recently noticed that as my pans age (which does not take long since I use them about every other day), I have to grease them more and more heavily to get the buns to rise round and pretty the way I like.  This has made me unhappy with my buns because it leaves a greasy residue on the bottom that I can feel when I toast them.  I thought I’d try dusting the pans with buckwheat to see if that helped any and the results were fantastic!!  The buns rise better than ever – they are taller, rounder, and softer on the inside than when the pans were brand-new.  I am thrilled and highly recommend that you try it to see for yourself.  Happy baking!!


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